Harrison Street

Welcome To Harrison Street

Harrison Street Band is a blues and rock band based out of the Twin Cities who will put a smile on your face by adding a little sass to that Minnesota nice.

Erin McCawley, the lead singer, likes dancing as much as she likes singing... and that energy is bound to rub off. You can't help but tap your toes when Joey Gagliardi starts wailing on that blues harp or slaying it on guitar. Add in the groove of the upright and downright bass by Robb Stearns and the rhythm of Bill Whelan on the drums and you have really got something to dance to!

We know how to connect with the audience; sharing their joy, the passion, the energy and all the best that blues has to offer.

Harrison Street Band breathes new life into those old blues and re-vamps those roots. We play songs that may be new to you but have that feel-good familiarity to them. We play music that feels like embracing an old friend... there are times when it stings a little and other times you just can't contain the joy!

Whatever it is, it just feels RIGHT.

We are available for weddings, parties, festivals, corporate functions, or for no reason at all!  :)


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